Kurator w/ Franca: Niki Sadeki – Pauli Pocket – Foolik – Stefnitz – Jackie Houser-Brown

Imagine this: your favorite artist, getting full creative control and putting together a perfect evening for you. This is what the new concept Kurator will be: every event will be carefully curated by one of our beloved artists, sharing the fellow DJs that influence and inspire them. Expect artists you love, some that may surprise you, and fresh undiscovered gems!
The first edition will be curated by our dear Franca. Over the years, we all fell in love with her groovy sound and her amicable personality. We have no doubt whatsoever that she will put together a fabulous line up, and we can’t wait what she has in store for us!
IJland (Undercurrent) is a beautifull location directly located at the Cornelis Douweskanaal-west NDSM Amsterdam. This location has an amazing view, especially at sunset. Imagine the sun going down in the backdrop of the DJ-booth. You’ll be amazed! You can also have a comfy sit down in the chill area. This floating raft is covered with a transparent roof. Here you can also smoke a siggi, and it’s a beautiful place to watch the sun go down while having a conversation with your buddy!
Franca (Kurator) (DE)
Niki Sadeki (USA)
Pauli Pocket (DE)
Foolik (DE)
Stefnitz (NL)
Jackie Houser-Brown (Analog live-set DE)
At IJland you can enjoy a fresh made meal, available at the terras: **Vegan Burger **Vegan Gyros **Beef Burger **Pulled Pork **Pulled Salmon **Pulled Chicken **And more
Available at the entrance
Available at the bar/token-desk
Age 21+
See you there – Kurator & GG


Apr 15 2023


3:00 pm

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